FAVG Program

FAVG is a Perl script (available here) that a column of numbers from a text file and returns the average and correlation for that column. It can be useful in conjunction with VARF when analyzing XMD output files (the *.xmo files).

Here is the command line info from the script.

      favg [-s "start" "stop"] file
      Read columns of number from data file and returns the
      average of each column for lines beginning with a number.
      Also returns the estimated error, the estimated correlated
      error, and the estimated correlation length.
      Optional "start" and "stop" strings determine first and
      last file lines.  The first line containing the string
      "start" signals the following line as the first data line.
      The first string containing the string "stop" signals the
      previous lines as the end of data.  The special character -
      (the minus sign) can be used in place of "start" or "stop".
      It means start at the file beginning, or stop at the file
      Sample output...
      Column     Count         Average         Error   Corr. Error  Corr. Length
      ------  --------  --------------  ------------  ------------  ------------
           1       200    3.010000e+02    1.6269e+01    1.9900e+02    1.4862e+02
           2       200   -4.560900e+04    2.6450e-01    3.6252e+00    1.8686e+02
           3       200   -4.748500e+04    1.4616e+01    1.9503e+02    1.7704e+02
           4       200    1.876700e+03    1.4366e+01    1.9141e+02    1.7653e+02